Buying real estate is no easy task. There's so much you have to do in order to prepare yourself to become a home owner and move into your new property. If you already own real estate then you have to get it in sale condition to sell it. Then you have to work with a real estate agent to help you find a new house or condo to purchase and move in to. You have to go over your finances to determine how much you can afford to spend on real estate. You have to meet with mortgage specialists. You have to make a list of features your new home must have and which ones you potentially can do without.

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Those are just a few things you're going to have to do if you're in the market for a new house. If you're planning on buying real estate in a completely different country then you've got even more work ahead of you. For instance, if you're planning a big move to China then you're going to have to figure out how much real estate properties there cost and what types of properties are available.

If you know you want to live in a condo then you've already cut your workload in half by not having to research houses available in the China real estate market. You'll just have to focus on condos in China.

So, what types of condos are available in China? Well, you've got a few options. There are bargain condos equipped with just the basics such as one bedroom and one bathroom. You've got luxury condos that have 2 bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and patio. There are high rise and low rise condos. As well as condos in buildings with such features as a gym and indoor pool. Whatever you are looking for in a condo or have gotten used to can likely be found in China. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend.

So, what are condos in China going to cost you? Condos in China range in price from $50,000 into the tens of millions of dollars. It all really depends in what part of China you want to live in and what type of condo you need. Do you want to live downtown? Do you want a high rise view? Do you need more than one bedroom? Ask yourself these questions and more to help you figure out what type of condo in China you should be shopping for. Just think back to what it was like shopping for your first new car to help you during this real estate shopping experience.

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