Living abroad can be one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences that a person will have in their lifetime. You might do it for a few months to see what the world is like outside of home or go off for several years and leave behind your old life. Either way, you're going to want to meet new people when you get to the new country of your choice. And if you're moving to a place where English is not the first language this can be a little difficult. Here are some tips to help you out.

The Internet is now used by people throughout the world to communicate and keep in touch. It is also a great tool for those looking to meet someone new. Look on sites like Couch Surfer that are geared towards travelers and check to see if they have a community or chat section. This is a somewhere you might post a little note about yourself and where you're living or look for other travelers in the area. While you're away you might be happy for the change of scenery but still want to see someone else from your home country every once in a while. You can certainly find them here.

Visit those universal places where people meet. The process of meeting someone new when you're traveling abroad is really not all that different than it would be back where you came from. Check out a bar or lounge after sightseeing one day and strike up a conversation with some others who might seem friendly. You can go to places that are more geared towards people from your own culture or really attempt to blend with the locals. You will find that most major cities have neighborhoods or specific spots where ex-patriots might hang out with people from their native country.

Ask at your hostel or hotel. When you move somewhere else you usually start by staying in a place that's meant to house international travelers. These are the people to ask when you're leaving behind friends and are interested in making some new connections. They will be able to lead you to the most likely places where you could meet some friends. Most hostels have a sort of lounge area where you can converse with the others staying there and you will never have to travel far from them before reaching somewhere you can be social. If you've moved to work at a school or other job than you can also ask for suggestions of where to go from people you work with.

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