If you've been looking at countless houses and condos but haven't found that right place to call home just yet, then you might want to consider other options when it comes to becoming a home owner. One such option we have in mind that we can suggest to you is building your own home.

The only way to get exactly what you want is to build it yourself. You get to start your home from the ground up and that includes finding land to build your home on and coming up with the design plans you want. There's probably a reason why you haven't found a place you like out of all those you've looked at.

There's nothing wrong about being picky when it comes to real estate and building your own home means getting the final say on everything. You probably have an idea of what you want in your new home but let us throw an idea out at you: open concept designs.

If you haven't found a property to call your own yet because you haven't found any with very few walls, high ceilings or open space then you might be partial to designing an open concept home.

Open concept means pretty much what it says it is and that's built with an open flow design. Few walls, rooms that are adjoined and share certain features and lots of space! That space can be seen in how much walking around room you have and the high ceilings.

In open concept homes your main goal is to have a flowing floor plan with very few restrictions. You don't need to open a door and go into another room if you want to walk from the living room to the kitchen. Not having a wall or door that divides the two makes it that much easier to walk around your home.

Isn't the thought of fewer walls, high ceilings, less doors and more walking around room appealing? You could watch the TV in your living room from the comfort of your kitchen without having to get up. You can do pretty much anything you want in an open concept designed home. Let your imagination go wild! If you come across a listing that is nearly perfect for your family with only a few changes needed to the floor plan speak to a renovation expert contractor.

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