If you've been searching the real estate listings in your area endlessly and keep noticing ads for studio apartments but aren't exactly sure what a studio apartment is then wonder no more. We're going to give you a better understanding of what a studio apartment listing is so that the next time you're browsing through listings and notice an ad you'll know what you're potentially getting yourself into.

The studio apartment is also sometimes referred to as an efficiency apartment, bachelor apartment or flat and is a tiny apartment that combines all the major living areas one needs. The bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchenette/dining room are all located on one central floor. You can probably now see why the words studio or efficiency are used to describe studio apartments.

The design of studio apartments is considerably different than most condo units as every room in a studio apartment flows together to make one common living space. In some cases, depending on the size of the studio apartment in question, the bedroom, living room and dining room are the same room, with a separate space for the bathroom. That should give you an idea of just how small the average studio apartment usually is.

Example of a studio apartment floor plan

The studio apartment tends to be the smallest and, therefore, cheapest apartment one can rent or purchase on the market and one living on a minimal salary can probably swing the cost of buying or renting one. One other thing that you should know about studio apartments is that they aren't for everybody and are mainly occupied by bachelors who don't need a lot of space. So if you're part of a family of say three or four people then you need to look elsewhere to live.

If you think you can move into a studio apartment with grand ideas of having your own quiet place or have a separate areas for watching TV and hosting guests over then you're mistaken. These apartments are meant for people with minimal stuff and a minimal need for space or who don't have money to spend on real estate. The words bachelor or bachelorette when describing studio apartments actually are perfect, as those tend to be the type of people who generally live here.

We hope that we've given you an insight into the world of what studio apartments are and what they offer. Good luck finding your new home!

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