When you're discussing what you're looking for in a home with your real estate agent, one of the first things they will ask you about is size. There are real estate listings out there for those that can manage to live in just 350 square feet to those that are more accustomed to 35,000. Size is going to be one of the things that will determine the price of the property and the amount of space that you need will also narrow down what neighborhoods might work. Here are some helpful hints that might help you decide what you need when you're looking at properties that could be your next home.

We live in a society that largely believes that bigger is always better. And while you might think that this would apply to your real estate choices, it is not always the case. Take a look at the place that you're living in right now and see what rooms you actually use on a regular basis and which go mostly untouched. Also look at the size of the rooms and gage whether you usually feel comfortable in them and if they are too big or too small in size. When it comes time to look at properties you will likely marvel at those that have a lot of space. Know how much you need before attending showings.

Consider the layout of the home as well as the square footage. No matter if you're looking at apartments in Tokyo or houses in Oshawa, you will find that a well laid out space of 1000 square feet can feel more open and welcoming than a home with 1800 square feet spread over a number of small rooms. Some people want that separation between the different areas of their home while others are craving something a little more flowing. Think about what your preferences are before you determine what you minimum square footage might be.

Bring a measuring tape with you to showings and consider how much usable space there could be in the home opposed to what is already there. If you're looking at a house that has a backyard you could consider adding an addition or just an outdoor room. Buying a house with a less-than-perfect layout could mean just moving some walls before it looks updated and brand new. You will find that modern homes generally make much more conservative uses of space. There are many with open plans and finished basements. Don't discredit a perfect property because the roof is leaking or the basement cement floor has a crack throughout it. Look into a home inspection company like Housemaster to come in and inspect the space to determine how much work needs to be done.

Square footage is one of those things where you likely don't have one solid number that you want to hit when finding a home. It will depend on each individual property whether or not that listing will end up being your perfect home.

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